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Telecommunication Equipment

A common problem with an ordinary "Audible Alarms" is that you are reliant on your neighbours to react, should it ever go off. If you've good neighbours, then that is not too much of a problem. However, perhaps there is nobody around at certain times or perhaps you live in an isolated position. What happens then?

We have the facility to link your alarm to your telephone line and then whenever the Alarm is activated, it will seize the telephone line and perform a number of options.

Speech Dialler

A basic method is to use a speech dialler, which when triggered by the alarm, will make outgoing calls to pre-programmed telephone numbers and play a pre-recorded message to the recipient. This is ok, except the message may be playing to an answerphone or may be unsuccessful making the call/s. This involves a one-off purchase and install fee but with no ongoing costs.

Texecom Speech Dialler
Texecom Speech Dialler

Monitored Systems*

We can connect your system to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Your system then reports all activities, via your telephone line in a short, coded 3 second call. The ARC interprets this information, bringing up on screen all your contact information. A person telephones you or your chosen contacts, awaits a pre-set password before advising you of any events at the property and ceasing procedures. They will continue calling until they reach an identifiable person and deliver the information. Your system can be programmed to report not just Alarms, but also Panic Buttons, Fire Detection, Electricity Failure and a host of other events.

BT Redcare / GSM*

We can link your system via BT Redcare / GSM to the ARC. BT Redcare uses a monitored telephone line, so if the line is cut, contact procedures commence and/or emergency police response may be summoned. The GSM is a dual communications path which uses radio signalling in case the land line fails. The two protect each other.

BT Redcare
BT Redcare

*Options require the system to be under a monitoring and combined annual service agreement.

We also work in partnership with WDJ Telephones who are experts in the communication field. Should you require extra phone extensions, broadband Internet points etc please contact them at

If you might be interested in any telecommunications work, please call or email us to arrange an appointment.