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CCTV Rental

CCTV  Rental and Covert CCTV.

Do you have a situation either at home or work where you suspect something is going on or need to find out or prove who is the offender?

We recognize that you may not want the expense of a permanent CCTV system, or need it on a long term basis. We will agree an installation fee and rental period to suit your needs. Once you have your required evidence, we will come and remove the equipment, or extend the rental period as long as you wish.

We have a 100% successful history in placing covert cameras in various types of organisations and environments and catching the events or guilty persons on recorded footage.

We can come discreetly and talk to you confidentially, either in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles or under the pretense of alternative contractors, then install the system during closed hours, to ensure that we are not detected by your target/s.

We have all sorts of cameras that we can hide in all sorts of places and positions, (although due to the nature of this business we do not want to reveal them with pictures on the website!)

Previous applications include:

  • Neighbourghly disputes
  • Fuel Depots
  • Stock & Staff Rooms
  • Cash Thefts

We can also point you in the right direction regarding the Covert CCTV and the Data Protection Act , or can put you in touch with a Private Investigator for advice on pursuing a prosecution.